Lincoln Electric - CZ WELD s.r.o. - Czech Republic

         LINCOLN ELECTRIC is an American firm with its residence in Cleveland, state Ohio, whose name you meet throughout the world. Top technology for arc welding and top quality materials for welding, bear everywhere appreciated trade mark LINCOLN ELECTRIC. In the course of more than 100-year activity this firm has achieved a lot of experience on bases of which built-up its significant position on the world market. Lincoln Electric firm is represented on the Czech market by CZ WELD s.r.o. firm with a seat in Pardubice.
Cooperation between ŠKODA Nuclear Egineering Pilsen and Lincoln Electric CZ WELD s.r.o.

WAVE DESIGNER - possibility to form required waveform of welding parameters

Results of welding tests of Skoda car bodies
Welded and soldered joints on parts of car bodies made by STT II source

Lincoln Electric sources reputable for its reliability can be found in various firms throughout The Czech Republic. We, as suppliers of the welding sources of Lincoln Electric are always pleased when coming across older sources of Lincoln Electric still working and thus feel enriched when coming into contact with the owners of this equipment sharing their experience with us.

Welding source POWER WAVE 455 represents, together with POWER FEED 10 new designing trend in solution of the top, digitally controlled invertor sources for GMAW, SMAW welding in heavy-duty industrial conditions.

POWER FEED 10 is a new type of wire feeder. It contains new control circuits and controls for setting welding source POWER WAVE 455. Its new design completely different from the Lincoln Electric feeders used until now, means new trend of reliable wire feeders of high performance with comfortable control, operation without maintenance and easy change of entire arrangement of feeder, which is necessary for implementation of works.


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