A - Possibility to use wire reels in packing 5 30 kg
B - Tiltable feed head prevents welding gun breaking



  • Automatic run-in
  • Feeding capable to feed also wires from AL alloy with high feed speed
  • No tools are needed when replacing rolls
  • Feeding speed 1,2 30,5 m/min
POWER FEED 10 is a new type of wire feeder. It contains complete control circuits and controls for setting of welding source POWER WAVE 455. Its design differs from Lincoln Electricfeeders used until now and determines new trend of reliable wire feeders with high performance and high comfort of control, with performance without maintenance and easy change of arrangement of feeder needed for execution of necessary work.


  • High working output 450A/38V at 100% loading
  • Wide range of possibilities.
  • Welding machine Power Wave is simpler, cheaper and easy to use.
  • Possibility of setting:
    • PREFLOW: 0 – 2,5 sec.
    • RUN IN: low range 1,25-3,8 m/min
    • ARC CONTROL + - 10
    • BURN BACK: 0-0,25 sec.
    • POSTFLOW: 0-2,5 sec.
    • SPOT: 0-25 sec.
  • It is very flexible, with one control cable connecting all elements.
  • Possibility to perform easy works including very demanding works.
  • Flexible platform can be easily changed from bench to boom arrangement, CV can be changed for pulse method etc.
  • Controls:
  • All controls are situated on wire feeder, in order that a mistake by chance can be excluded.
  • Control box is removable and can be mounted on both bench and boom model.
  • Two big displays and pushbuttons for operator wearing gloves.
  • Possibility of setting wire feed speed, ampers, voltage, before start of operation.
  • Displaying of values, while welding, for 5 seconds after the welding has ended.
  • Display in English or metric units.
  • Even un unskilled worker can use, by means of replacement of proper elements,in the course of 5 min, the wide range of possibilities of this equipment.
  • Wire feeder:
    Four driven rolls of the drive, which is designed for demanding operation. No tools are needed when replacing wire.
  • Wire guide for faultless feeding. Perfect alignment and support of wire.
  • Powerful driving motor for large wires and high speeds.
  • Indicator of exact feeding of wire
  • Wire reel stand, for 5 – 30 kg of wire on spindle d = 51 mm. Bench model of feeder is mounted on welding machine with or without swivel platform.
  • Welding machine:
    • Capable for operation with CV and for pulse method.
    • Design with suitably arranged elements for easy attendance and maintenance.
    • 3-year warranty for parts and labour.
    • Made in accordance with ISO 9002 requirements.

Possibilities of arrangement of panel for POWER FEED 10

This panel is provided with a memory for two working procedures. User can select by means
of a switch procedure „A“ or „B“ or switch-over to „Gun switch“ for control of welding gun.
Order K 1542-5.

K1542-9 DUAL PROCEDURE / MEMORY PANEL (small panel)
Panel Dual Procedure / Memory enables selection of either of the two procedures or welding gun trigger for remote control of entire procedure can be used. Besides, there are here six permanent memories for saving commonly used procedures. Procedure A and B are soft kinds of memories for storing any changes. These six memories are so called „hard“ memories or memories of more permanent kind. Any changes performed must be stored. Each memory contain only one procedure, it means that any combination of memories can be called for procedure A and B.

M PANEL (panel M / big panel)
This optional control panel enables user to select the way of procedure : CV – MIG/CV in the shielded atmosphere of gas, Welding with cored electrode with flux in the core (Outershield, Metal-cored), Welding with cored electrode (Innershield) or CC – Stick (Soft) Gouge. „Arc control“ changes the induction resistence in CV mode and arc power in CC-Stick mode.
Order K1542-6.

A – Display for displaying set values
B – Setting of RUN-IN
C – Setting of volts
D – Confirmation of storage of welding parameters
E – Pushbuttons for storage of welding parameters
F – Quick switch-over of selected pair of parameters
(possible also on welding gun)
G – Selection of welding program
H – Selection for setting of additional parameters of feeder


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