Description of control panel

In fig.3, there is welding source STT, which is usually provided with feeder LN-742. STT source is fed by mains voltage 3 x 400V/50Hz. Output current can be preset in the range 0-450A. This source is on the front panel equipped with controls for setting of basic and top current, hot start setting, type of material setting, selection of electrode diameter, output for remote control, wire feeder connection and output connector of welding current.
Wire feeder LN-742 enables setting of preflow and postflow of shielding gas and other functions.

A – Selection of material
B – Selection of dia of filling material
C – Display of bottom current
D – Setting of bottom current
E – Main switch
F – Output connectors of welding current
G – Connector for connection of feeder
H – Connector of remote control
I – Control of top current
J – Display of top current
K – Hot start
L – Ending of weld


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